Nature Club- Sanjoe Meadows

A club dedicated to ecology, Nature Club fosters a respect and knowledge of nature, as well as conservation and conscientious environmental responsibility. This club brings together students who have an interest in the great outdoors, wildlife, and natural environments. Among their objectives and pursuits are

  • Environmental Education:
  • One of the main goals of nature clubs is to teach the community and kids about the value of the environment and nature. The community conducts field trips, workshops, and lectures to educate people about ecological systems, local wildlife, and environmental concerns.

  • Preservation and Conservation:
  • Conservation initiatives are frequently undertaken by nature clubs. The group plans habitat restoration programs, clean-up days, and tree planting campaigns. These actions support the preservation and protection of natural places.

  • Outdoor Recreation:
  • Hiking, bird watching, and nature photography are just a few of the outdoor leisure activities that the nature club organizes and guides. Through these activities, participants can feel the advantages of being outside and establish a connection with nature.

  • Nature Appreciation:
  • The ultimate goal of the nature club is to promote a greater understanding of the importance and beauty of the natural world. They want to inculcate in people a sense of responsibility for the environment and a desire to preserve it for future generations by bringing them closer to nature.

  • Awareness :
  • The nature club is known for its advocacy and awareness of policies and practices that promote sustainability and environmental protection. They might try to sway public opinion and decision-makers by bringing attention to problems like pollution, habitat loss, and climate change.

Constitution of Nature Club

“SANJOE MEADOWS”- Grand In Green

Nature Club was formed on November 1st, 2018 and officially launched on June 5th, 2021 and named as “SANJOE MEADOWS”- Grand In Green. Our colleges' nature clubs are essential for advancing environmental education, conservation initiatives, community involvement, and individual growth. They give kids the chance to engage with nature, educate themselves on environmental issues, and take action to improve both the environment and society at large.

Greenery at Sanjoe Meadows
Various activities of Nature Club


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Team Members of PHARMA FM 2.3

Arts Club

The Arts Club of St. Joseph's College of Pharmacy is a creative hub where students and staff express themselves through various artistic media. From painting and drawing to photography and performance arts like music , dance and cultural artistic forms, the club provides a platform for students to explore their talents and showcase their creativity. With regular programs, exhibitions, and collaborative projects, the Arts Club fosters a vibrant artistic community within the College, enriching campus life and promoting cultural diversity and expression.

Health & Fitness Club

SJCP’s Health Club is a vibrant community dedicated to promoting physical fitness and well-being among students and Staff. With state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of programs, the club offers opportunities for students to engage in various fitness activities, including gym workouts, yoga sessions, and health-sports activities. Led by dedicated staff and student leaders, the Health Club fosters a supportive environment where members can pursue their health goals and build lifelong habits for wellness.

“PULSE” the Health Club of SJCP

“PULSE”, Health Club of SJCP mainly focused to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Our mission is to promote holistic well-being and empower our college community to lead healthy, balanced lives.

Health Club Committee Members
Staff Convenor Dr Siby Joseph, Professor & Head-Pharmacy Practice
Students’ convener Fasna Nargees N H, Students Union Chairperson
Supporting staff Members Naveen Kumar Panicker, Assoc.Professor
Simi George, Asst. Professor
Student Members Sneha Jose
Diya Fathima
Sandra Jomon